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ICT-Biz Platform (B2B & B2C)Consulting

ACE TECH business plan addresses the issues which Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) networking platform will help up the Small and Medium Industry (SMI) in Malaysia moving out form Production-based economy (P-economy) toward Knowledge-based economy (K-economy).

The new industries, in turn, will have different human requirement than a P-economy. The P-economy is characterized by labour-intensive production and low technology industries. Consequently, the value added in the course of production is low. Furthermore, P-economies are quickly losing out on their competitiveness and even in agriculture.

By using the Value Chain system and Competitive Five Forces framework to identify the new business entrances and transform the existing SMI Relationship Marketing strategy into a competitive technology and knowledge-based marketing strategy on top of ICT networking platform.

It implies that the future economy growth is solely depends on the competitive networking platform that can help up the SMI business growth beyond the exiting domestic market, toward globalization business environment. The transformation will take place to build up the core future of the Malaysia economy.

For knowing more about its business transformation plan, you may read through our research and study write out plan, ICT-Biz Plan.

Information, Communication & Technology (ICT)

In this technology-based business environment,if you don't want to be far behind from your competitors, you should fully utilize the ICT platform to support your day in day out business development activity.

ACE TECH is able to offer ICT consulting & service to our valued customers with quality, cost effective, professional services and consulting to build up an ICT business platform to reduce your digital gap in business field or personal life.

We are always looking for quality products and potential business partner to help us expands our business network either onboard or overseas. We always look into value added services that can help us provide better competitive advantage in the same business field.

ACE TECH also awarded Streamyx dealership to provide broadband solution to our customers, especially for those are ICT savvy and helping my business partners to enjoy borderless business development.

For small and medium-sized network platform, we are looking into 3Es solution which are Effective, Efficiency, and Economical.

  • Digi Business Line for cost saving plan available now.

For larger network deployment, we are focusing on MAS platform which is Manageability, Accessibility, and Security.

ACE TECH also provide a sales posting column for member to post their respective items for sales as part of our value added services.


Information, Communicatoin & Technology (ICT)

For Individual & Personal

  • Consulting on Notebook & Desktop selection
  • Consulting on computer system hardware upgrade
  • Troubleshooting on Windows-based system
  • Troubleshooting on computer hardware
  • SOHO network & security
  • Fine tune hardware and operating system working condition


For Small Medium-sized Enterprise/Industry (SME & SMI)

  • Consulting on Notebook, Desktop & Server selection
  • Consulting on computer system hardware upgrade
  • Consulting on infrastructure setup & upgrade
  • Troubleshooting on Windows-based system
  • Troubleshooting on computer hardware
  • Troubleshooting on network infrasturre facility
  • Consulting on Network connectivity, security & server room setup


For Small Corporation/Multi National Company (MNC)

  • Consulting on WAN infrastructure system
  • Consulting on LAN infrastructure system
  • Consulting on server room setup & equipment selection
  • Troubleshooting on Windows-based system networking
  • Consulting on network security


If anyone want to know more about our ICT services, you may send your enquiry to [email protected]




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