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Streamyx Broadband Online Registration & Packages Offer

ACE TECH awarded Streamyx broadband dealership and able to provide online registration to our customer either personal or company package, as long as provided sufficient information and supporting documents.

  • Streamyx Combo Packages
Package Monthly Subscription Fee Download Speed Upload Speed
Combo 1: 384 Kbps RM 60 384 Kbps 128 Kbps
Combo 2: 512 Kbps RM 90 512 Kbps 256 Kbps
Combo 3: 1 Mbps RM 110 1 Mbps 384 Kbps
Combo 4: 2 Mbps RM 140 2 Mbps 384 Kbps
Combo 5: 4 Mbps RM 160 4 Mbps 512 Kbps

NoteAll the Combo packages provide unlimited access and modem, including one dynamic IP and one e-mail account as well.

Summarized of Terms and Conditions:-

  • No registration fee, no upfront payment required, and all charges will be billed by TMnet Sdn. Bhd.
  • Installation fee of RM88, activation fee is RM75, and RM10 stamp duty will be charged into your 1st month subscription bill after successful installation, testing and commissioning of the Streamyx service.
  • Minimum subscription of 12 months.
  • For TMnet Streamyx in a box & without (w/o) modem pacakge will be activated within 7-working days from the date of registration.
  • Supporting documents:(1)Phone line owner's IC, (2)Phone bill, and (3)Borong 9 (For company registration)
  • Other terms and conditions, please refere to TMnet Stremyx web site for more info.

If anyone want to know more about Streamyx Broadband Online Registration & Packages offer, you may send your enquiry to [email protected]





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