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Feng Shui Consulting

Feng Shui is a method of determining the flow of energy around and through buildings. In Chinese, Feng means wind and Shui means water. It is based on an ancient Chinese idea that good health requires a positive energy flow through our environment and through our bodies. Just as acupunture uses needles to improve the flow of energy through our bodies. Feng Shui uses small adjustments in our environments to improve the flow of energy through our homes and workplaces.

Feng Shui is more than 3,000 years old. It was first developed to design the graves of the dead rather than the houses of the living. Today Feng Shui is often used to determine the best site for a house, the layout of the rooms in a house, and workplaces. To apply it effectively, you need to get consulting or advice from a authentic Feng Shui practitioner about the location, construction, and architectural features of buildings, the placement and style of furniture, colors and decorating schemes, and the location of plantings, paths, and other outside environmental features and design.

By creating a more pleasing atmosphere, feng shui has been credited with improving family communication, restoring employee cooperation, and increasing as store's sales. The principles can be applied to any style of building or decorating, not just to Chinese or Asain modes.

Feng Shui is deivided into two broad categories: (1) the YANG Dwelling and (2) YIN Dwelling dealing with housing for living poeple and the grave respectively.

Today, there got a lot of different type of Feng Shui approaches, some are classified mainly into:

  • Environment Feng Shui Methodology()
  • Eight House/Mansions Methodology()
  • Flying Stars Methodology()

What Feng Shui can and can not

Feng Shui Can.... Feng Shui Can't....
Promote better health Cure a severe illness
Boost your career Get your instantly promoted
Improve your wealth Make you win the lottery
Improve your love life Land the lover of your dreams
Help you and others Help you harm someone

We are trying out best to collect more info about Yearly Flying Star analysis and its application , then shared out with you all and willing to discuss more with any body.

We also provide feng shui studying courses for those interested to know more about modern feng shui practical.

  • Beginning of Feng Shui Study (Chinese Language)
  • Intermediate of Feng Shui Study (Chinese Language)
  • Modern Feng Shui Practical Study (Chinese Language)

For those like to know more about individual feng shui arrangement in their house place or work place, you may contact us for further detail.

  • Feng shui studying on floor plan - RM 300.00/set
  • On site feng shui study - RM 500.00/unit*
  • Yearly Flying Star feng shui analysis - RM 200.00/set

Note: * - T&C applied and excluding any logistic, accommodation, and miscellaneous cost.

If you have any Feng Shui inquiry or need more information on it, don't be hesitate to contact me by sending your request message via mail.

Due to overwhelmed situation caused by many inquiries from locally and overseas, your request and inquiry will be attended shortly within a week time.

Your patiently waiting is highly appreciated.

Thank you.


Modern Feng Shui Practitioner





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