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Entrepreneurship & Investment Business Plan Opportunities


Investment Information From Securities Industry Development Corporation (SIDC) and supported by Capital Market Development Fund (CMDF)

Manay people know how to earn money but not really know how to build on it. It is often said that the rich get richer while the poor get poorer.

The reason behind is because the rich understand to invest their money, making it grows more and more, while the poor only concern aboout conusme money, which means spending it away.

Contrary to popular belife, investment is not only for the rich. In fact, it can be very crucial for an average wage earner who has limited income and financial commitments, but wants to achieve his goals in life. Such goals include bysing a house, sending his children to university in 10 years time and retiring comfortably in 20 years time with more extra money for leisure traveling activities.

In order to achieve your goals within a certain timeframe, saving money alone inside the banks may not be enough. You need to have a good investment plan. But with so many investment products out there, you might be overwhelmed by teh sheer number of choices! It is almost like standing in front of a huge buffet spread! You haev so many choices of entrees, sandwiches, finger food, main meals, and desserts that you barely know where to get a start.

So, in order to be able to enjoy your whole dining experience, or in this case, your investing experience, you should wisely survey the opportunities that are served to you before making an informed choice of investments.

Alternatively, you may get contact with an experience and knowledgeable investment consultant to help you identify the steps you should take before making a wise investment decision and embarking on an investing adventure.

The Malaysia capital market offers a variety of the following investment products:

  1. Stocks and shares (Equities)
  2. Public Mutual
  3. Bonds
  4. Warrants
  5. Derivatives (i.e. futures and options)

Apart from that, there are also non-capital market related investment assets of bank savings, property, insurance and collectibles.

You should only make an investment decision when you have fully understood the proedut and are totally satisfied that it is suitable for you.

Remember, your investment products must match to your financial situation, investment objectives and risk tolerance.

It is importance for you to understand and discover whether you are a "risk-taker" or "risk-adverse' type of person. This is essential in planning your investment plan to determine if you are to pursue an aggressive, moderate or conservative investment approach.

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