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Hi-Tech Precision Welding Manufacturing Service Available Soon!(即将推出精密焊接制造服务)!



Hi-Tech Precision Welding Manufacturing Service Centre



ACE TECH is going to setup a new manufacturing compnay and focusing by using Hi-Tech precision welding machine which will be imported in from Germany to serve the local market and ASEAN country, especailly in oil & gas work field.

We have identified two important business segments shown below:-

  • Primary Market Segment: Oil & Gas, Energy Utility, Shipyard Engineering, Construction, and Aviation.
  • Secondary Market Segment: Automotive, Telecommunication, Medical, Exotic metal & etc.

We also have plan to build up an effective biz collaboration work with those SMIs for helping them expanding their market into the new business segment, so called Business Transformation Plan (Blue Ocean Strategy) which is required hi-tech precision welding service in place either in local or overseas market to serve their existing clients or customers.

For more about our business development plan, you may put a view on our business pre-view presentation note, by click here.

For those like to form a business collaboration and partnership with us, you may put in your Letter of Intent (LOI) to us and we will carry on an evaluation, and exclusive business partnership will be given for qualified entity on first-come-first-serve basis.


1. Primary Market Segment


2. Secondary Market Segment


Advantages of Hi-Tech Precision Welding Manufacturing & Service Areas

We are also in recruitment work and offer different positions for those have +ve moral thinking, good working attitude, think out of box, good project management skill & experience and etc.

If any one wish to know more about our Hi-Tech precision welding manufacturing service, you may send your further enquiry to [email protected]






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