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How To Invest Public Mutual Fund By Using EPF?

For those of you who have not invested in unit trust using your EPF, it is a good time to invest without using your saving or fixed deposit money.

For your info, this new investment scheme was started since 1st February 2008, all investor can invest but not more than 20% of their savings in EPF account 1. This kind of investment only allows investing once for every 3 months and minimum investment is RM1, 000.

How to apply?

1) Photocopy of your NRIC (both side)in A4 paper
2) Fill up KWSP 9N investment form with some personal details
3) Fill up Public Mutual's investment application form.
4) Fill up FIMM Investment Form- Attention to 1st time Public Mutual Investors


How Much Eligible Investment Funds From Your EPF Account 1?
Heres a simple calculator for EPF withdrawal on your Account #1. You may download it from our given link shown below, it is in Excel format. Just input your age and your Account #1 total balance figure, then you will get your eligible withdrawal figure.

For more info about your EPF account #1 investement calculation information, do click here.

Just a gentle reminder that investing via EPF Scheme account #1 won't affect your housing/education/medical loans at all, because it is fall under account #2.

For Public Mutual investment, it only touches a small portion of account #1 where we are not allowed to withdraw this money until age of 55.

For those like to know more, don't be hesitate to contact us any time and we will arrange our qualified Unit Trust consultant(UTC) to share more relevant information regarding Unit Trust Investment with you.

If you know any friend or relative from other locations, and share out this biz opportunity with them.

Alternatively, you may send your further enquiry to [email protected]






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