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EPF Approved Public Mutual Funds

1. Equity Fund

  • Public Index Fund
  • Public Regular Savings Fund
  • Public Sector Select Fund - closed
  • Public Aggressive Growth Fund
  • Public Equity Fund
  • Public Focus Select Fund
  • Public Growth Fund
  • Public Industry Fund
  • Public Savings Fund

2. Balanced Fund

  • Public Balanced Fund

3. Dividend Fund

  • Public Dividend Select Fund

4.Bond Fund

  • Public Select Bond Fund
  • Public Bond Fund- closed
  • Equity Fund (Shariah)
  • Public Islamic Dividend Fund
  • Public Islamic Equity Fund
  • Public Islamic Optimal Growth Fund
  • Public Islamic Sector Select Fund - closed
  • Public Islamic Select Treasures Fund
  • Public Islamic Select Enterprises Fund
  • Public Ittikal Fund

5. Balanced Fund (Shariah)

  • Public Islamic Balanced Fund

6. Dividend Fund (Shariah)

  • Public Islamic Dividend Fund

7. Fixed Income Fund (Shariah)

  • Public Islamic Income Fund

8. Money Market Fund (Shariah)

  • Public Islamic Money Market Fund


Note: For all the above mentioned funds, you can use your money from EPF(KWSP) account 1 to invest. From my investment experience track record, the returns are much better than EPF dividend (EPF's average in 5-6% return) if you invest and manage mutual fund correctly, you will get average 10% return.

For those like to know more, don't be hesitate to contact us any time and we will arrange our licensed Unit Trust consultant(UTC) to share more relevant information regarding the punlic mutual innvestment plan with you.

If you know any friend or relative from other locations, and share out this biz opportunity with them.

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