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Ipoh White Coffee Information

Established in 1948, "Lian Thong" is one of the oldest coffee shop in Malaysia. The owners have passionately pursued their unique idea to make a quality and after much research and tasting, they have developed and aromatic coffee called "White Coffee".

For the pass ten years, "White Coffee" has became extremely popular wtih various coffee lovers, also receiving the high praise from both locally or overseas. We are able to uplift your modern lifstyle. One of our 3-in-1 instant White Coffee products sure will suit to your taste.

Uncle Loh Brand White (Instant) Coffee & Tea Flavors (Export Quality) :-

  1. Ipoh Original 3-in-1 White Coffee
  2. 2-in-1 White Coffee or without sugar
  3. Quality Goat Milk White Coffee
  4. Ipoh Milk Tea (香滑顺喉港式丝襪奶茶)
  5. Green Milk Tea (夏日麼麼)
  6. Ice Lemon Tea (香浓冻柠茶)


Note: Tongkat Ali & Kacip Fatimah are classified as Malaysia National's Treasure Herbs

Other Product

  1. Chocolate Malt
  2. Fruit Juice


Packing Size Information:-

  • 20gms or 30gms or 40gms per sachet
  • 1 packet consists of 15 or 20 or 30 sachets
  • 1 box consists of 10 sachets
  • 1 carton consists of 24 packets or 36 boxes
  • 1 carton dimension: L560mm X W270mm X H380mm


Premium & Signature High Quality Arabica Coffee Gift Box

Premium Roasted Arabica Coffee Bean in Gift Box (220 gms X 2/gift box) Signature Arabica Instant Black Coffee in Cups (10 gms/cup), creamer & sugar/sachet included
Dimension: 255mm X 255mm X 80mm Dimenision: 330mm X 200mm X 90mm
Premium Royale Kaffe (40 sachets/box); 5 gms/sachet, creamer & sugar included My Jungle Book Arabic Coffee (12 sachets/box); 5 gms/sachet)
Dimension: 301mm X 208mm X 110mm Dimension: 220mm X 125mm X 43mm

Packing Size Information:-

  • 1kg, 3kgs, 5kgs, 10kgs, 15kgs, 20kgs, 40kgs or as per customer's request.

Shippment Information:-

  • 1 TEU accommodates 420cartons
  • FOB to Port Klang or CNF/CFR or CIF upon request

Delivery Lead Time:-

  • Minimume 2 weeks upon recieved down payment

If you have any inquiry about the 3-in-1 white coffee product, do contact us.

Alternatively, you may send your further enquiry to [email protected]





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