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Welcome to ACE TECH Trading



ACE TECH TRADING (IP0273413-U) is established to offer good quality consumable, commodity and commercial products, including product sole distributorship, professional services and investment consulting to our local or overseas valued customers. Furthermore, we also supply Halal food and beverage to global Muslim market.

We also registered under MATRADE (The National Trade Promotion Agency of Malaysia) for expanding our business network through some International trading exhibition and business matching events.

And ACE TECH has a sister company called ACE TECH TRANSUPPLY (SA0341237-A) and also registered with Royal Malaysian Customs Department to handle any Goods & Service Tax (GST) related busienss transaction which was enforced on 1st April 2015.

Right now, due to fast growing on borderless global market activity, we are also participating in gloabl product sourcing, logistics and shipping handling work. We have form a business collaboration with few logistics companies from China to support from small to bulk purchase volume logistics requirement with resonable cost.

We have few goods consolidated warehouses in different locations, such at:-

  • Dongguan (东莞)
  • Shenzen (深圳)
  • Baiyun (白云), &
  • etc.....

One of the global online product sourching platform is ToaBao (淘宝) from China and other online sourcing platforms from worldwide location.

Furthermore, ACE TECH is going through a new business setup project with regional book distributor to manage local International School book distribution market network and will be branched out to other ASEAN's countries.

Example of Few Major Products sourcing fields are:-

  • Car Accessories
  • Household Products
  • Measurement Toolset, &
  • etc.....

Example of Commodity Product

  • White Sugar (ICUMSA 45) AAA Grade
  • Palm Oil (CPO, CP10, CP 8 & etc)
  • Russian D2, Mazut, Jet Fuel & etc.
  • Petronas HS D2, & Euro 2M
  • Base Oils, Lubricant oil, &
  • etc.....

Example of Commercial Product

  • Food & Beverage
  • Construction material
  • Custom-made equipment, &
  • etc.....

Example of Consultancy Services

  • International Trading
  • Global Procurement Process
  • Internantional Logistics Planning
  • Business Transformation Feasibility Study
  • Engineering & Business Management Workforce Development
  • etc.....


ACE TECH is working as International Procurement & Logistics Centre (IPLC), and arranging the cost effective Logistics and Warehouse facilities which is located at Port Klang Free Zone (PKFZ) area, also near to West Port for providing seamless import and export activities. We also help SMIs for expanding their business to overseas market through our global business network.

ACE TECH management consists of a group of knowledge-based workforce which can deliver strategic marketing plan, professional training and consulting,including quality of products & services offer.

We always look for quality products and potential business partner to help us expands our business network either onboard or overseas. If you have any quality products or you are the right person or potential business partner, we always ready to work closely with you to form a win-win business situation.

From time to time, we are performing self-evaluation to ensure better value added services to our valued customers or business partners. Therefore, they always can enjoy the value of money while being to be served or in better competitive advantage situation.

You may browse and view any of our product lines to know more about what we can offer and deliver to our valued customers.

We are able to help you for further understanding the importance of competitive advantage in the global market..

Thank you.


Best Regards,

ACE TECH Management Team

"Turn Your Value To Be Revenue"






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