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Public Ittikal Fund (Only For EPF Investment)

Public Mutual had just announced that Public Ittikal Fund (P ITTIKAL) to be re-opened for EPF investments with effect from 20 October 2011.

P ITTIKAL will however remain closed for cash sales. This particular fund had been launched since 10 April 1997 with good track record. Given its strong performance over the 10-year period to 31 Dec 2010, P ITTIKAL had won the Lipper Fund Award for its 10-year performance in the Equity Malaysia Islamic fund category. The fund also achieved the status of Lipper Leader (a score of 5) under the Lipper Ratings for Consistent Return for the 10-year period in the same category. In addition,

FREE Takaful insurance coverage will be given to investor of P ITTIKAL with min investment of 5000 units.

The fund objective of P ITTIKAL (launch date: 10.04.1997) is to achieve steady capital growth over the medium to long term period by investing in a portfolio of investments that complies with Shariah Principles. The approved fund size for this fund is 3.75 Billion units & as at 30 Sept 2011 approx. 3.32 Billion units had been sold.

Hence, it will be closed to public again once it reaches the quota.

Please act fast & if your friend needs to know further info, then we can arrange our qualified Unit Trust Consultant (UTC) to help you for better understanding. Alternatively, you can advise your friends to visit the link shown below:-

For more info about Public ITTIKAL investment, do click here.

Under "Fund Name" tab, please search for "PUBLIC ITTIKAL FUND"

Then select "Since commencement till end-date" & click "Show Chart"


Just a gentle reminder that investing via EPF Scheme account #1 won't affect your housing/education/medical loans at all, because it is fall under account #2.

For Public Mutual investment, it only touches a small portion of account #1 where we are not allowed to withdraw this money until age of 55.

For those like to know more, don't be hesitate to contact us any time and we will arrange our qualified Unit Trust consultant(UTC) to share more relevant information regarding Unit Trust Investment with you.

If you know any friend or relative from other locations, and share out this biz opportunity with them.

Alternatively, you may send your further enquiry to [email protected]






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