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Public Regular Savings Fund (PRSF) Information

To achieve consistent capital growth over the medium to long-term period, and to achieve a steady growth in income.

Financial Year End: March 31
Distribution Policy: Incidental

Investor Profile

  • Moderate risk-reward temperament
  • Long-term investor
  • Can withstand extended periods of market highs and lows in pursuit of capital growth

The fund seeks to achieve the long-term goal of capital growth by maintaining a reasonable level of exposure to equities over time. The equity investment of the fund primarily focuses on a diversified portfolio of index-linked companies, blue chip stocks and companies with growth prospects that are listed on the KLSE. Generally, companies with reasonably good earnings growth prospect over the medium to long-term are sought. In identifying such companies, the fund relies on fundamental research where the financial health, industry prospects, management quality and past track records of the companies are considered.

The fund also maintains a significant portion of its investments in fixed income securities such a sovereign bonds, corporate debt and money market instruments to help generate income returns expected of it. Where yields are attractive and interest rate trends are favourable, the investment in bonds are increased. Notwithstanding the need for a stable and recurring income stream, the investment in bonds and fixed income assets are often raised at the expense of equity allocations when weaknesses in the equity markets are anticipated. Conversely, when the equity markets are expected to perform well, the funds are reallocated from fixed income assets to equities.

To achieve increased diversification, the fund may invest in markets abroad where the returns are promising. The fund may also consider attractive investments in unlisted equities, particularly in companies that are expected to seek listing on the KLSE within two years. To mitigate risks, the fund may also invest in futures and options contracts to hedge against market volatility. The presence of growth stocks in the equity portfolio, in particular, may result in the fund experiencing significant volatilities in times of adverse market movements.

Equity Range of Fund: 70% to 80%
Stock Selection Profile of Fund: Blue chips and growth stocks.

Fees & Transactions:
Fees & Charges
Sales Charge : 5.50%
Redemption Fee : None
Switching Fee : RM25 (To Equity/Balanced Fund: NAV + RM25; to Bond Fund: NAV + RM25; to Money Market Funds: at NAV.)
Free Switches Yearly : N/A
Annual Management Fee : 1.5%
Transactions (Minimum)
Investment : Initial: RM500
Additional: RM50
Regular Investment : Initial: RM500
Additional: RM50
Account Balance : 1,000 units
Switching : 1,000 units

Investment strategy recommendation, Ringgit Cost Averaging (RCA), through direct debit from bank account.

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