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MAIONE (漫妮) Youth Original Essence


MAIONE (漫妮) Youth Original Essence ( 5-in-1/一支走天下)

  • Anti-aging
  • Brightening
  • Skin Firming
  • Smoothen Wrinkles
  • Soothing Sensitive Skin
  • Removing Dark circles and eye bags
  • Reducing Pigmentation and healing skin
  • Removing Dark circles and eye bags

    Now, you can achieve better beauty look with 5-in-1 skin care product which can replace with 5 skin care products for restoring from wrinkles, scar, acne, firm and etc.:-
  • Night Cream
  • Day Cream
  • Eye Cream
  • Essence
  • Toner

By using Maione product, you will benefit from few factors:-

  • Cost effective
  • Fast result feeling
  • Reducing application time

Product Consists of 9 Main Ingredients:-
1. Micromolecule Water
2. Lonicera Caprifolium Flower Extract
3. Yeast Extract
4. Acetyl Hexapeptide-8
5. Palmitoyl Pentapeptide-4
6. Ruscus Aculeatus Root Extract
7. Hydrolyzed Collagen (3000 Dalton)
8. Sodium Hyaluronate
9. Caprylyl Glycol

Product With SGS Analysis Report & Do Not Consist of 7 Harmful Additives:-

  • Alcohol (酒精)
  • Synthetic Fragrances (香精)
  • Colouring (色素)
  • Synthetic Hormones (激素)
  • Emulsifier - Mixed paraben (乳化劑)
  • Chemical Preservatives (化學防腐劑)
  • Heavy Metal - Lead, Mercury, Arsenic (重金屬- 鉛,汞,砷)

Other Benefits

  • Good for male and female.
  • It can be used after make-up as well.
  • Use for restoring firm outlook on your arms, legs, butt and other areas.


Product Testimonial

A lot of product testimonials available for viewing upon request to avoid being misused by other parties for supporting their products which were not relevant with it. You definitely have amazing feeling after viewing it.

MAIONE (漫妮) Youth Original Essence FAQ, click here.

Product Packaging Information

Volume: 120ml

Box Dimension: H 178mm X W 52mm X L 44mm

Weight: 150mg

20 boxes/carton : H 290mm X L 350mm X W 260mm

Weight: 6.20Kgs


Product Cross Reference Pricing Comparison (For Reference Use Only!)

If you wish to know more about the product cross reference pricing comparison, please click here.


Direction of Use

Spray Maione twice a day (day and night) on your face after cleansing. Minimum 2 sprays should be enough to cover your entire face with Maione. During the day time, after spraying Maione, you may do apply sunblock for better protection.

Place the spray nozzle 15cm away from your face, and press hard and full on the nozzle so that tiny mist will land on your face evenly to allow Maione to be absorbed naturally. spraying too near the surface area may form large droplets and causing too much product to be absorbed by the skin.

For new user, exfoliate your skin first before spraying Maione.

Keep Maione in cool temperatures. Do not refrigerate or place it near high temperatures. Drastic temperature may affect the effectiveness of the product.

Note: Maione product with Commercial General Liability Insurance Cover.

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