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Sharlu Industrial Oils

1. Circulating Oils
• Sharlu circulating oil
• Sharlu mineral oil AP

2. Compressor Oils
• Sharlu compressor oil
• Sharlu refrigeration compressor oil

3. Gear Oils
• Sharlu EP gear lube
• Sharlu gear guard
• Sharlu gear lube
• Sharlu LS gear lube
• Sharlu MP gear lube

4. Turbine Oils
• Sharlu Turbine oil GT
• Sharlu Turbine oil R & O

Notice from Sharlu for better understanding its product features.

You may visit its respective official web site to know more its specificaitoin.

For know more about hydraulie and grease products, please send your enquiry to [email protected]

For any other Sharlu product range of oils, such as automotive (gasoline & diesel), transmission & brake fluid, hydraulic, marine, circulation, compressor, transformer, cutting fluid and etc, don't be hesitate to contact our sales people or send your requirement to [email protected]

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